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Fire Safety Training

Employers must provide appropriate information, instruction and training to employees about the fire precautions in the workplace, when they start work, and from time to time throughout the period that they are employed.

The actions of staff if there is a fire are likely to be crucial to their safety and that of other people in the premises.

Somerset Fire Safety can provide training based on the particular features  and requirements of your premises.  We will take into account:

  • the findings of your risk assessment;
  • your emergency procedures;
  • your work activities, and explain the duties and responsibilities of staff;
  • details of fire drills.

Somerset Fire Safety will provide this in a format that is easily understandable by all those attending.

Areas covered – Fire Safety Training Somerset, Fire Safety Training Avon, Fire Safety Training Devon, Fire Safety Training Bristol, Fire Safety Training Dorset, Fire Safety Training Wiltshire.

When is training necessary?

  • when staff start employment or are transferred into the premises;
  • when changes have been made to the emergency plan and the preventative and protective measures;
  • where working practices and processes or peoples responsibilities change;
  • to take account of any changed risks to the safety of staff or other relevant persons;
  • to ensure that staff know what they have to do to safeguard themselves and others on the premises;
  • where staff are expected to assist disabled persons.

A course that will cover all the basics that your staff need to know.  It will be presented in a form that can be easily understood, with practical demonstrations and involvement. The course can range between 1 ½ and 2 hours, but can be tailored to suit your needs.

The course content includes:-

legal requirements,

theory and causes of fire,

fire spread and how to prevent it,

fire alarms and human behaviour,

emergency action plans,

means of escape

and extinguishers,

and can include any findings from your risk assessment if it’s available.

Recent testimonies

Nick Matthews reinforced the dangers associated with fires by using relevant case studies that highlighted how applicable fire safety is to real life situations. The presentation was interactive and engaging, it illustrated clearly the need to stop bad habits that could potentially cause fires. Overall, I felt I learned a lot and very much enjoyed the presentation.

St Michael’s Acadamy, Yeovil

Informative, interesting and learnt new info despite attending a similar course a year ago. – SS

Well presented and obviously passionate about subject he was training – ZJ

Information but with a slight humour attached. Serious message delivered – CS

Excellent!!! Please come back –

Very good trainer – SW

Excellent presentation, very clear and concise – TE

Really useful training presented well – JB

A good trainer with a sense of humour – IW

Excellent – IS

Very clear, well delivered, engaging – EW

The tutor was interesting and approachable – VBL

Well delivered. Kept interest throughout – SL

Informative without being patronising. Useful practical training on fire extinguishers – ZC

Great training, thank you – LF

Information in digestible chunks – EC

Well delivered, lots of great information covering lots of scenarios – MM

Well delivered, comical and informative – DS

Very good, thank you – YB

Engaging, easy to follow – J

Very quick two hours. Learnt a lot – DC

Office, Highbridge

I thought the training was informative and enlightening and carried out in such a way to keep your attention focused.  Very Positive.

I thought the presentation was informative and gave a good understanding of what to do during a fire.

I thought it was good.  Plus he gets a bonus point for playing ‘Big Me’.

Well presented, Nick knows the subject matter inside out – RB Chard

Very friendly, able to ask lots of questions – KB Chard

Thank you for the very informative training.  Every question I asked was met and easily understood, and very friendly guy. – LT Chard

All good – JZ Chard

Not boring, enlightening – TG Chard

Very informative – SD Chard

It was very informative and the instructor kept us engaged at the same time – MW Clifton

Very good practical training – SD Clifton

Excellent – RA Clifton

Relevant training, very useful and practical. Excellent trainer, well prepared and great communication – CL Clifton

Well delivered and appropriate for those present – IG Clifton

Dental surgery – Chard

Very helpful training for all staff – thank you – JJ

Found it all very interesting – HW

We were left without any doubt the importance of fire safety awareness – TG

It was very informative and interesting – EW

Easy to understand, concise information – MC

Where’s the cakes? – NC

Somerset Fire Safety specialises in care home training, and will provide you with a course that is tailored specifically to the needs of care homes.  We have worked at length with a couple of care homes that specialise in dementia care, to make sure that the course covers all aspects of training, and the needs of the residents.

The course last’s between 2 and 2½ hours and includes:-

A brief overview of the legal requirements,

case history’s,

theory and causes of fire,

fire spread and how to prevent it,

fire alarms and human behaviour,

emergency action plan and evacuation procedures,

means of escape and extinguishers.

We also look at some case history of homes that have had severe fire in the past, and how to avoid that happening again.

Recent testimonies

Staff said it was ‘Brilliant, never learnt so much in 2hrs” Thanks Nick everyone learnt a lot and really enjoyed themselves at the same time.

Angela Hine, Manager – Rectory Care Home, Taunton.

Very thought provoking, will help to bring to the front of my mind important information that gets buried on normal day to day – NB Bristol

Thank-you, one of the best fire education sessions I have ever attended – HB Bristol

Reality from a person with real experience. Very good indeed – MW Bristol

Excellent training, very informative and interactive – best fire training I’ve had – SM Bristol

Clearly related to care home setting and client group – AT Almondsbury

Interactive and informative – TJ Almondsbury

Very interesting, informative talker. Looking forward to practical session – HT Almondsbury

It was well explained and everything about the training was cool. It was absolutely interesting training and thanks for the opportunity. My time was not waisted – ON Almondsbury

Beech House, Bristol

Very good relaxed course, very knowledgable. Interesting to have heard so much more than the basic fire training. LP

Organised, humorous,  but to the point.

Nick the trainer was very informative, easy to listen to, and kept us interested all through the course. CH

Well presented training, kept everyone interested and aware of the importance of training. AS

Enjoyed the course. AR

Relaxed atmosphere, good training session. JH

Nice morning, learnt a lot.

It was informative and not boring. BF

It was clear and easy to understand. CC

 Quarry House, Bristol

Very well done, able to understand clearly. RK

The training was absolutely brilliant, it was well understood and my time was not wasted at all.  Very happy to be part of it, thanks. OP

Presentation was very good, and the knowledge acquired from it will be quite useful. JO

I did enjoy the training.  Very easy to understand and useful practical training part as well.

Nothing was too much trouble for him to explain .JQ

Very interesting course. YP

Well prepared presentation (visual) interesting talk .MS

Very much enjoyed the course.  The trainer was very friendly and willing to answer all questions. HS

Very well done.

Very intensive, excellent training that really opened my eyes as to how important fire training is in saving lives. RR

Quarry House, Bristol

Fire safety, fire evacuation and extinguisher training

Very good session, well planned, easy to understand, engaging participants – EO

The best fire training I have ever had. Being able to use equipment and be hands on was very beneficial -CT

Very good course, excellent coordinator – CW

It was the best fire training I’ve had. Keep it up Nick – RS

The whole training session was brilliant – JO

Enjoyed this training and will put new knowledge into practice – KH

Very interesting and practical training – IK

It was really meaningful and interesting – GD

Great course, easily assessable – BA

Very good training – ZC

Very entertaining and interesting – LG

Bybrook House, Corsham, Wiltshire

Very good, enjoyed attending the training, Very informative – RG

Very clear and well delivered, very informative – JG

Very easy to understand, very good examples. Found it helpful and enlightening – CG

Well organised and easy to understand – AR

Found it easy to understand, very clear – MT

Very informative, good presenter – PN

The training was very good – DS

Excellent – DM

Appropriate training, very good – DS

Very clear and concise – HF

Methodical and very informative – DC

Bristol Care Homes 

Excellent session, very informative and very relevant – SB

I really enjoyed the course – MD

I enjoyed it all – SB

Really enjoyed the fire training, was very interesting – E

Well explained the procedures and techniques, and how to use your common sense while evacuating people. Good work – KB

The training was very interesting and well led – MB

The fire training was really interesting. He explained it clearly. – IM

Vaughan Lee House, Ilminster

Very good, clear and conciseCD

Very good, relaxed, not too long – CH

Very good session, and easy to understand – DD

Interesting and informative – JD

Very good and informative.  Relaxed atmosphere – GW

Thank-you very much, it was great – SR

A worth while training session. Thank-you – SR

Very informative, friendly and relaxed atmosphere – KG

Very good. Enjoyed – SN

Very informal and clear – SG

Well laid out – CH

Bristol Care Homes

Very good course, great trainer – AD

It was amazing training – KS

Good, covered everything – LS

Very good, nice to have face to face training – DS

Brilliant, well organised and planned – TC

Very good explanations and very useful – NG

It was excellent – FT

As a follow up to the fire safety training in care homes, Somerset Fire Safety also offer an evacuation training session. This covers the use and techniques of ski sheets, a look at the evacuation policy and practice evacuation drills. The session normally lasts about two hours, but will very much depend on numbers attending and existing standard of procedure.

Recent testimonies

Green Tree Court – Exeter

The information was spot on – DC

Interactive activity made for greater first hand training, due to experience.

Fab explaining and good social manner Nick, thank you – KW

Very informative, thank you – NG

really enjoyed the training. I learnt a lot – JO

Easy going, easy to follow, relaxed – MW

Interactive, held attention, informative and fun – LH

Enjoyed all of the training, very good trainer – RB

Very informative and engaging – NG

Appropriate humour and sensible format – JP

Practical, interesting. Thank you very good – LW

– AW

“The most important thing to know about using an extinguisher, is when not to use it”.

This course provides all the information to trainees to enable them to make an informed decision as to when, how, what type and when not to use an extinguisher.

It will cover:-

  • How to identify common classes of fire.
  • Selecting the correct extinguisher to use.
  • Assess whether it is safe to tackle a fire.
  • How to extinguish it without putting themselves in danger.

There is a practical session involved using live fire simulators, to give a real experience of fighting a fire under controlled conditions.

Courses can be tailored for specific risks within companies, or generic covering all aspects.

All courses are competitively priced, and last for a max of 2 hours, and provided by highly qualified and experienced former fire officers.

Recent testimonies

Ashbrooke House School, Weston-Super-Mare

An excellent, well presented course – KW

An excellent course.  Thank-you – JS

Very informative and easy to understand presentation. Enjoyed the physical aspect of putting fires out. – LF

Very informative, feel more confident with knowledge of how to tackle a fire if required and the manageable levels – CD

It was very useful. Thank-you – RP

Opportunity to ask questions. Positive feedback. Opportunity to engage, but no pressure to be involved. – TP

Useful common sense taught!

All Hallows School

Fantastic. Answered all questions and very approachable. Would definitely recommend. – JC

Good presentation style, good knowledge and sense of humour. – DN

A fantastic course, thank you – SW

Great session – MK

Well delivered course – AR

Thank you, well delivered – BN

Very interesting – SA

Straightforward, easy to understand – VW

Really well delivered. Engaging – JH

Excellent course – has really refreshed my confidence in a fire situation – NM

Really informative, just the right amount of time – BM

Well paced, relevant, good mixture of materials, videos etc – G

Great course, thank you – B V-C

Good interactive delivery – MR

Thank you. An excellent session. Very informative and accessible  – HM

Very good session, explained clearly – TM

It was a very well presented course with good group involvement – AL

Thank you, a great workshop – MC

Brilliant. Thanks – EK

Great informative session – KA

Extremely well presented and relevant, set at the right level. Appropriate mix of both theory and practical – JC

Designed for staff that are expected to undertake the role of fire warden / fire marshal.  The course provides a more comprehensive level of fire safety training for staff. It will assist employers with maintaining a high standard of fire safety, and provide benefits to any emergency evacuation strategy and fire management plan.

All fire warden courses comply with the requirements of the Fire Safety Order 2005, which makes training a legal requirement for all staff.

Courses can be provided at a location near you, or at the place of work (for which a discount will be included). Courses provided for single companies will be tailored specifically for that type of premises ie Care Homes, Factories, Offices etc. Multiple courses will also attract a discount.

The training is provided in a easily understood format, with practical demonstrations, and examples of  real incidents and events experienced by the trainer.

It is a proactive approach for your fire safety plan, because a well trained fire warden can identify dangers and fire hazards before a fire happens!

Course Duration 3 – 4 hours (dependant on clients requirements) for Max 15 people per course.

Recent Testimonies – Springmead School, Beckington

An excellent and informative course, would recommend – JD

Well done Nick, an in depth, eye opening training session – SW

Well presented course, easy to understand – PW

Very good, excellent trainer – CH

Thank you for making it such a positive experience – SC

Well organised and concise training – NM

Lots of detail and clear to understand – GB

Fantastic clear presentation – KM

Very informative – HD

Wren House, Warminster

I liked the fact that there was a variety of training used. Interesting and engaging – ES

Very good course – VS

Well explained, so easy to follow and remember information given – MD

Trainer very open to questions and kept staff focused. Good demonstration of equipment and practices – DVT

Good clear advice and have learnt a lot.  Very good training – JH

Clear, easy to ask questions if needed.  Interesting and well put across – CR

Very good training – MB

It was an eye opener as to what can happen in a fire, and tells exactly what to do – SG

Orchard Shopping Centre, Taunton

All very helpful – WR

Relaxed and interesting anecdotes.  Informative and fun – SH

Very well animated and presented. Informative and all important elements covered – JM

Very informative – IP

Very friendly and clear. Very good – PL

Very good, well delivered – KL

A very enjoyable, informative presentation.  Many thanks – MC

Beech House Care Home, Bristol

Enjoyed the session, interactive and very informative – KF

3.5 hours well spent – AS

Found the training very thorough – JM

Wasn’t the same old quiz and dvd, more in depth – KK

Good, and was a pleasure to have training with a pleasant fire officer/trainer – AT

Was really interesting, and covered loads -TP

Very informative/realistic/practical – MR

Enjoyed the afternoon – SL

Above all, some very useful information – LM

Course held at Bridgwater & Albion RFC – 25th May & 26th June 2016

Very informative and well presented. Excellent training session. – CW, Pollards.

Learnt more than I thought. Interesting, wasn’t tempted to dose off. – FJ

Very professional training exercise with lots of useful discussion and practical exercises – CS, Wessex Resolutions.

Nick was very friendly and approachable. To be able to ask questions with ease made everybody feel comfortable – LM BARFC

Course was very interesting, full of very useful information – MB, BARFC.

Excellent training, clear & concise, very informative. Friendly and welcoming manner – LO, Prenax.

Training was not rushed and I understood everything – really enjoyed the course. Great morning, thanks Nick – TP, Prenax.

Informative and practical fire extinguisher session, very useful.  Good examples and scenarios. – KJ

Very enjoyable course, thank you very much – GA

This has been very helpful, thank you. Will highly recommend you to others. – LS

Somerset Heritage Centre

Really good and interesting – GE

Excellent training, well delivered – EG

Good and useful re-iteration of training – LG

Enjoyable course – DP

I found the training useful and enjoyable – AK

Good all round education on a very important subject – RB

Mix of information given inside v’s practical experience (video aspect was great to) – AH

Brecknell Willis, Chard

Very good, enjoyed it – MA

Well done, thanks – KB

Excellent course, well structured and trainer very knowledgeable – SD

Interesting and useful – TG

Very good clear course – MO

Very good – AW

Very good and informative – SB

Interesting, easy to listen to, well presented – BW

Good knowledge – NC

Very well laid out, with good practical – JS

Course held at B&A rugby club 28/3/17

Had a great experience, and really recommend this to anyone – RJ

Very good concise and essential information on fire safety – AW

Enjoyed the course, thanks – AB

Very good course, very useful – RB

Excellent session, well presented with good examples – JB

Offices – Taunton

Thank you for organising the Fire Warden training this morning.

The training was great and a lot better than the previous training session we had – I now feel more confident in how to put out a fire!

The trainer had a great range of examples and the presentation he did was very informative. The cases he used were current and he had many illustrations showing right and wrong.

The practices in the car park were also very good – it was brilliant that we could actually put out a real fire as opposed to imagining and just firing off the extinguisher onto the floor.

Thanks again for organising.


I found this training much more interesting and relevant.  It was good to have a more interactive session rather than watching the same film.


 I found this morning’s training  really interesting  and relevant for our situation. Practical fire extinguishers session good – cold!

Thanks for organising the new trainer – much improved from last time.


I thought the training was informative, interesting and refreshing.  The instructor is clearly well-informed and experienced with excellent presentation skills.

Very much enjoyed the session.


I thought it was a great session today, 100 times better than previous years.

I thought the training itself was very interesting and flowed well.  It didn’t seem like we had been sat there for ages and that anyone was bored.

The trainer (sorry I have forgotten his name) was excellent and although I didn’t take part, the putting out of actual fires was brilliant.


Excellent training and trainer Ben. A great improvement on the previous sessions. Relevant, practical and comprehensive.

Thanks for organising.


Really enjoyed today’s training, more up to date than last year and better information and course content.

To receive training from someone with actual Fire Fighting experience provides a more practical prospective.

More companies and organisations now require training to be more specific to their needs.  Somerset Fire Safety is able to offer courses tailored around those needs. We will provide “bespoke training” that will take into account your requirements with regards to location, duration and course content which are designed to fit specific training objectives, company procedures and processes.

We can run courses at your premises or arrange for a location convenient to your needs. Companies that require a number of customised training session will benefit from a discount on an already competitive rate.

Courses normally last between 1½ and 2 hours, but can be as basic or in depth as you require.

Inaura School 31/01/17

Lots of questions, very good – P

Brilliant, thank you – LB

I liked it – BC

Useful and informative – E

Truthful and humorous – KG

Good examples, videos and powerpoint – K

Excellent training and really helpful – TB

Very informative – BC

Good training, thanks – ZR

Clear information, good pace, great delivery – MD

The powerpoint was brilliant – AE

Interesting slides and anecdotes.  Informative – LK

Well presented and well led – LH

Very concise, easy to follow – JG

Good understanding of what was being delivered – VW

Instructor was easy to understand and took his time with explanations and examples. – HC

A very good course that made you realise how easily something could happen, and how difficult it could be to get students out quickly – CS

Concise and to the point – KE